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As indicated by various sources who went to DC and extricated close Addis Standard (sources who lean toward not to be distinguished in light of the fact that the effectivity of the inquiry), the alleged "coherent assessment" presented and examined at the gathering of the Central Committee proposed the establishment five unique states containing all the unmistakable 56 nations and nationalities in the territory with the urban zones of the capital in Hawassa, Sodo, Arba Minch, Hosanna, and Bonga. 


"This suggests SNNPRS is very likely originating from a common structure alone," a source stated, "this will impact legitimately the nearness of SEPDM as one of the key gatherings that settle on up the EPRDF choice." which included "the principle question started from Kamil Muferiat official of SEPDM who tested the Sidama alone application ought to be settled at the gathering and different solicitations ought to be postponed uncertain." Standard Addis rehashed endeavors to acquire a copy enlistment were not productive. 


Starting now and into the foreseeable future, in spite of the Sidama, the requests of statehood have been evoked by ten unique zones (all help zonal level) and alluded to the common board inside the primary year's latest three months. These territories are Wolayita, Kafa, Gofa, Sheka, Bench Maji, Kembata, Guraghe, Dawro, Hadiya, and Gamo. 


As demonstrated by a later source, the recommendations made in the "sensible test" fuse a pursuit of wonderful strategies for centralization which utilize a "creamer of the common past secluded game-plans before the 56 nations were solidified for SNNPR and today genuine field day factors (for instance, of the gathering of individuals Gedeo). "

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