The Famous Ethiopian Actress Fryat Yemane wedding video


Born (October 1, 1991) is an Ethiopian performer, TV host, and model. Fryat was assigned best performer of the year on Leza Art Award for her introduction on Wefe Komech, 2016 film. Fryat has been chosen best performer of the year on Ethio Zodiac Award for her show in the film Maya (2017) and starting late conceded for the best free on-screen character on Hollywood Africa Prestigious Award (2017) for her introduction in the film titled Begize. Fryat made her screen debut in Gudegna Nech (2014) when she unearths Yonatan Worku a producer who discovered her in one life scene for his new movie Gudegna Nech. notwithstanding the way that Fryat had the vitality of transforming into an on-screen character since young age, for no good reason it didn't come to fruition in spite of the way that she got the chance of getting a suggestion to perform from a couple of producers. 


Early life and family 


Considered in Ethiopia, Fryat is the young lady of Yemane Gebremichael and her mother is called W/ro Sesen. Her people used to live in Gondar in the greatness of work, meanwhile, Fryat was considered and stayed in Gondar until they moved back to where they grew up Mekele. Fryat has a solitary person of workmanship degree in Business Management from Hawassa University. At present, Fryat lives in Addis Ababa in the Ethiopian capital, where she does all her occupation from and where she runs a diner with outside and nearby cooking.

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