Dr. Abiy's congratulatory message


The comment came after the subsequent exceptional gathering of the agency of the AU gets together held for all intents and purposes yesterday on the on-going exchanges between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt with respect to the principal filling and yearly activity of the dam. 


"The current precipitation and overflow circumstance in the district have made it helpful for fill the dam," said the workplace in an announcement gave after the gathering assembled by South African President and African Union Chair, Cyril Ramaphosa. 


The gathering attempted at the Heads of State and Government levels finished up with all gatherings arriving at a significant basic understanding which makes ready for an advanced understanding, the workplace demonstrated. 


The three nations concurred for additional specialized conversations on the filling to proceed in the African Union (AU) drove the process and continue to a far-reaching understanding. 


In the discussions, Ethiopia repeated its responsibility to a reasonable and win-win arrangement that determines the Abay River will profit all the three nations. Leader Dr. Abiy Ahmed complimented the AU-drove process for supporting the three nations' address contrasts and agree.

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