US Mulls Withholding Aid to Ethiopia Over Controversial Dam


The monstrous dam, Africa's greatest, has become a flashpoint of international strains among Egypt and Ethiopia, with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi indicating that his nation could utilize military power to end the undertaking. Numerous in Egypt dread the dam could undermine its water supplies. 


Be that as it may, some U.S. authorities said the task has likewise filled divisions and disarray over strategy inside the U.S. government, since the time Sisi asked President Donald Trump to help intervene arrangements over the dam a year ago. 


U.S. interest in four-manner talks over the dam recently, drove by the Treasury Department, helped advance talks. Be that as it may, Ethiopia wouldn't consent to a last arrangement. Presently there's developing worry that the Trump organization is putting its thumb on the scales to support Egypt to the detriment of Ethiopia—even as new indications of progress rise in dealings. 


"The Trump organization has gotten it into its head that it needs to agree with Egypt's stance on this," said one U.S. official acquainted with the issue. "No one in the White House is by all accounts taking a gander at this through the Africa focal point and its effect on Ethiopia, which is similarly significant," the authority included. "This is simply messing ourselves up."

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