Abel Birhanu Daily Ethiopian News June 29, 2020


Ethiopia on Friday said 12 outside organizations have submitted offers for a half stake in the nation's mammoth media communications syndication. 


In an official statement, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ECA) said it has gotten total data and articulation of enthusiasm from nine universal telecom administrators and two non-telecom organizations. 


As per the ECA, the bidders from the telecom segment are Etisalat, Axian, MTN, Orange, Saudi Telecom Company, Telkom SA, Liquid Telecom, Snail Mobile, and Global Partnership for Ethiopia, a consortium of telecom administrators containing Vodafone, Vodacom, and Safaricom. 


The two non-telecom organizations are Kandu Global Telecommunications and Electromecha International Projects. 


One organization's offered accommodation was fragmented, the ECA said. 


It isn't yet clear when the champs will be declared. 


As a feature of a diverse change program propelled after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accepted force in 2018, Ethiopia revealed a privatization drive that adds up to 40% of the nation's telecom segment.

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