Daily Ethiopian News 05 June, 2020


Individuals from the national safeguard powers have given their two months' compensation to the national asset preparation advisory group in an offer to help battle the pandemic in the nation. General Adem likewise repeated responsibility of the national resistance power to proceed with help at whatever point it is required. 


Head of Staff of the Army, General Adem Mohammed today said the help shows how the national protection power is committed to remaining with the individuals in the midst of emergency other than guarding the sway of the country. 


Representative Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen recognized the endeavors being applied by the barrier powers for the prosperity of the country in all angles. The help of the barrier power which came at this national crisis period what is normal from the military which is acquainted with the same responsibility in such testing occasions. 


Harmony Minister and Coordinating Secretariat of the pandemic Ministerial Committee, Muferiat Kamil likewise valued the monetary guide made by the national resistance power including it came when the second round asset activation has begun broadly.

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