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Cairo said in an announcement on Friday that it had approached the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to mediate in the on-going exchange over the dam. The Sudanese authority said Egypt's move would "convolute delicate circumstances" and focused on the need to agree on the issue. 


Clergyman of State for the Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Omar Qamar Al-Din, said in a meeting with the BBC Arabic that his nation doesn't bolster Egypt's choice to allude the issue of the dam to the Security Council. In a letter to the UN Security Council, Ethiopia said it "doesn't have lawful commitment" to look for Egypt's endorsement to fill GERD. 


Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yasser Abbas, additionally said Khartoum is as yet adhering to its inflexible stance that arrangements are the best method to arrive at understandings on the issue of the dam. 


The Government of Ethiopia repeated that it will proceed with its arrangements to fill the dam from July whether an understanding was reached or not. 


Ethiopia, which contributes 85 % of the Nile waters, is consistently on the success win side, reasonable and fair portion of the waters.It is building the dam to give power to over 60% of its kin who don't approach power.

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