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The show of slicing sanctuaries out of rock adequately took the stand concerning in the past periods, is here taken to an unbelievable level. The sanctuaries, a couple of which are separated, for instance, Beta Giorgis (Church of St. George, imagined at top of page), have more definite and all-around described façades. They consolidate plan segments moved by structures from the Assume Period. Also, a couple, for instance, Bete Maryam, feature decision inside beautifications (above), which are moreover removed of the stone, similarly as divider fine arts. The internal parts of the sacred spots blend Aksumite segments in with later segments of Copto-Arabic acceptance. In Bete Maryam, for example, the primary segments, for instance, the cut capitals and window traces—reflect Aksumite models (see underneath), however, the creations can be differentiated and those in the bygone Monastery of St. Antony at the Red Sea. 


By 1270, the last Sage ruler was overturned by Dunno AMLA, who proclaimed to slip from the leaders of the Assuming time period and followed his family line directly back to the scriptural relationship of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. His family members—the Solomonic—represented Ethiopia until the second from the last quarter of the twentieth century. For a considerable amount of this period, the Solomon didn't have a fixed capital, anyway got the country over according to the seasons and their necessities. 


The Solomon was as powerful as advocates of human articulations as their originals and provided heavenly places with numerous important endowments. Magnum opuses were also given to serve centers by blue-bloods and ministers, similarly as by individuals known from dedicatory etchings on the work they charged. The stone cut church of Cantata Maryam, two or three kilometers south-east of Maribel, features a for all intents and purposes total course of action of compositions depicting sacred individuals, favored couriers, and subjects spurred by the New Testament.

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