Response from the government on Dr. Debretsion's case


What global Media say about The sound account professed to be Dr. Debretsion's voice. The chamber alluded the 100 million USD without interest credit draft bill with six years beauty period to the House of People's Representatives (HPR). 


It likewise examined a draft announcement for the endorsement of a credit arrangement for the usage of the Meteorological Observation Infrastructure and Forecasting Capacity Building Project with Danske Bank of Finland. In view of this, the chamber has affirmed the proposed goal to pay off the obligation weight of the public undertakings and empower them to stay successful. 


The committee alluded the 8.8 million Euros draft charge credit consent to be embraced by the HPR. At last, the chamber examined the draft decree of Federal Advocacy Service Licensing and Administration and alluded the bill to the House of People's Representatives.

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