Ashruka media the thing that made many Ethiopian artists cry


Around 150 Ethiopian nationals were confined in South Africa, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


They are among the 600 outsiders captured by South African police on Wednesday, said Nebiat Getachew, Spokesperson of the Ministry, in a question and answer session today. 


The capture came following an attack on unlawful dealers by cops, said the Spokesperson. 


He said endeavors are in progress to make sure about the arrival of Ethiopians who have permits to operate and allows. 


The Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria is following the station intently, he said. 


As indicated by Nebiat, abroad work understandings were marked with Middle East nations, in particular, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Jordan. 


See that exposing botches is instrumental to finding the suitable arrangement pestering genuine or saw inadequacies with the essential goal of delegitimizing the objective is dead off-base. 


Specifically online life has become a stage where naysayers paint a Judgment day picture about Ethiopia. The issues cursing the nation were not made yesterday; they have been gathering for ages. 


Comrades enrolled via web-based networking media by components holding vile intentions are working day and night to disintegrate the open's trust in the legislature and subvert its power. They are likewise instigating between common clashes by arousing the adolescent through untruths and venomous way of talking. Subsequently, guiltless lives are lost and the country's very endurance is risked. 


It's of the substance to fix Ethiopia of this ailment and set both the nation and the continuous change on the correct course. Ethiopians can't bear to get inured to botches. On the off chance that they do they will step headed straight toward destruction.

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