Israel Dansa Under Investigation


In a nation where the mind greater part of the populace guarantees a strict alliance, Daniel's words reverberate numerous other's contemplations in the midst of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. For some, Ethiopians, plague, starvation, normal fiasco, and occasions of such sorts are a piece of an awesome arrangement and are viewed as corrective for malicious deeds and a path for God to carry the unwavering closer to Him. 


The assembly of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church this previous week to arrange a road purifying project with incense consuming and parades before several individuals in Addis Ababa and numerous different towns the nation over, in spite of an administration restriction on mass social events, was a valid example. "Ethiopia is a profoundly strict society and as such a formal reaction or the retreat to a concentrated petition is justifiable," says Dereje Feyissa, a senior research guide to the Life and Peace Institute, and extra partner teacher at Addis Ababa University. "All things considered, the pandemic has instanced the emergency of advancement – in spite of mechanical modernity and civilizational haughtiness humankind is helped to remember its confinement; a hole which otherworldly plans of translations frequently fill," he examines. 


Ethiopia has 16 affirmed coronavirus cases if the administration reports are anything to pass by. The nation has acquainted prohibitive measures containing the infection's spread by shutting schools and enormous social and games. In any case, so far it has avoided applying comparable measures for holy places and mosques, places where numerous individuals accumulate intently together consistently.

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